High speed hydraulic disperser/dispersing machine

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High speed hydraulic disperser/dispersing machine

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High-speed dispersion machine main body structure is basically the same with standard high- speed dispersion machine architecture,which is highly with stirring barrels of homework, the standard of high-speed dispersion machine fixed position on the halfway up the mixer, can be fixed on the bracket, convenient by stand above place raw material into the mixing tank, by sticking to the frame below the mixing barrel discharging mouth will good raw material product emissions from mixing barrel, packaging or directly enter the next process.
Different types

According to the purpose of the lifting type, high speed disperser can be divided into single-axis disperser and double-axis disperser.The speed regulation of high speed disperser usually adopts stepless speed regulation (such as waterborne paint), and explosion-proof frequency conversion speed regulation (such as oil paint) and other forms.According to the way of lifting ,which can be divided into mechanical lifting, hydraulic lifting, pneumatic lifting, manual lifting and so on.
High speed hydraulic disperser/dispersing machine

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