Silicone sealant Double Z-Arm Sigma extruder Kneading Mixer/ Sigma kneader

Kneading and Mixing Machine for Silicone, Ink, Sealant with Heating

silicon sealent kneading mixing machine


silicon sealent kneading mixing machine




This kind machine is mainly used in high viscosity product

Chemicals Industry : 

 Resins, Sealant, silicon rubber, glue/ adhesive, paint, dye, BMC/CMC, pigment,  plastics,  batteries. Tooth paste, Clay etc.


Food Industry:


Bubble gum, dough, chewing gum,  soft candy,  cheese etc. 


Medicines  &  Pharmaceutical materials.

Discharge Way     Hydraulic tilt; Screw extruding ,Bottom valve.

Heating          Steam heating, Thermal oil heating & Electric heating

Type             Normal type;  Pressure type & Vacuum type.

Material          can be SS304,SS316 or carbon steel.

Rotation Speed    can be controlled by frequency converter,or fixed.

Blades& Contact part   will be fine polished

Capacity          2-2000L



500L screw extrusion Sigma Mixer SPEC


Model ABF -500
Total volume 500L
Working capacity 300L-350L
Loading coefficient: 60-70 % 
Material Inner shell : SUS304 polished & 8 mm steel plate 
Jacket: carbon steel coated with heat resistant paint & 6 mm steel plate
Sigma blade: SUS304 polished
Ps: All contact part are made from 304 stainless steel


Technical Specification

Model Total volume Working volume Motor power Discharge method
ABF-1 1 0.6 0.75Manual tilting
ABF-2 2 1.3 0.75 Manual tilting
ABF-5 5 3 1.5 Manual tilting
ABF-10 10 6 2.2 Manual tilting
ABF-40 40 24 3-5 Manual tilting
ABF-100 100 60 5-7.5 Titling or bottom valve
ABF-200 200 120 7.5-11 Titling or bottom valve
ABF-300 300 180 11-15 Titling or bottom valve
ABF-500 500 360 15-22 Titling or bottom valve
ABF-1000 1000 720 22-45 Titling or bottom valve
ABF-1500 1500 900 30-45 Titling or bottom valve
ABF-2000 2000 1300 45-75 Titling or bottom valve
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