Pharmaceutical Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator is designed to meet special needs achieve excellent mixing and consistent granules at lower operating cost along with higher productivity. Better mixing and closed control of granule size leads to faster tableting speeds with improved quality and least rejections.



Rapid Mixer Granulator Salient Features

  • Complies according cGMP guidelines
  • Modular & Efficient Design
  • Mixing of substances uniformly and homogeneously
  • Special design Mixer & Chopper blades.
  • Electro-Pneumatic Operated Discharge
  • Effective sealing
  • Easy to clean machine
  • Fully Automatic Operation through Programmable
  • Logic Controller (optional)
  • Binder addition system (optional)
  • Inline co-mill for uniform granules. (optional)
  • Rapid Mixer granulator is Available in Flameproof or Non- Flameproof model
  • Capacities Available: 25 Liters to 1200 Liters

Rapid Mixer Granulator Technical Specification:

1RMG 252510~2050-4202.21000-25001.1
2RMG 505020~4050-3555.51000-25001.5
3RMG 10010040~8050-287111000-25003
4RMG 20020080~16050-22318.51000-25004
5RMG 300300120~24050-200221000-20005.5
6RMG 400400160~32050-200301000-20005.5
7RMG 500500200~40030-172371000-20007.5
8RMG 600600240~48030-162451000-20007.5
9RMG 800800320~64020-148551000-200011
10RMG 12001200480~96020-133751000-200015