Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid mixer granulator is used for granulation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Impellers and choppers are responsible for uniform mixing and granule formation.

Pharmaceutical Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid mixer granulator is widely used equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is used to mix the pharmaceutical ingredients and make the granules before compression and also called a high shear mixer. Impellers and chopper are mainly responsible for wet granulation in the rapid mixer granulator..

Impellers: Impellers are fixed at the bottom of the dome-shaped stainless steel bowl. It has two full length and two half-length blades. These impellers are designed in such a way that small blades lift the material and full-length blades push the material to mix well. These impellers break up the wet mass into small pieces and granules.



Chopper: These are specially designed small blades located at the bottom of the dome. It rotates at high speed (1440/2880) RPM to give easy and uniform granulation. Chopper cuts the wet lumps of material into small sized parts those are mixed equally by the impellers and its speed is responsible for the size of the granules. Chopper doesn't have any significant effect on the granule size when impeller speed is high (above 200 RPM)

Discharge Port: A discharge port is located horizontally at bottom of the dome. Granules are unloaded in the container through the discharge port. The opening of the discharge port is operated by a compressed air regulated cylinder known as a pneumatic cylinder that requires 3-5 kg/cm2 pressure of compressed air.

The principle of Working:

In rapid mixer granulator, the formation of granules occurs by rising, whirling and tumbling motion of the material. Dry mixing is done by adding all ingredients into the RMG by rotation of impeller and chopper at high speed. During the addition of binder solutions to the powder impeller and chopper are operated at low speed. After the formation of wet mass impeller and chopper are operated at high speed to form the granules of the required size.

Dry mixing takes about 3-5 minutes to mix the ingredients, wet mixing takes 5-10 minutes to make the wet mass of material while the granulation process takes 5-10 minutes to make 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm sized granules. Mixing time consumed in processing is depends upon the ingredients quantity and their particle size.

Rapid Mixer Granulator Salient Features

  • Complies according cGMP guidelines
  • Modular & Efficient Design
  • Mixing of substances uniformly and homogeneously
  • Special design Mixer & Chopper blades.
  • Electro-Pneumatic Operated Discharge
  • Effective sealing
  • Easy to clean machine
  • Fully Automatic Operation through Programmable
  • Logic Controller (optional)
  • Binder addition system (optional)
  • Inline co-mill for uniform granules. (optional)
  • Rapid Mixer granulator is Available in Flameproof or Non- Flameproof model
  • Capacities Available: 25 Liters to 1200 Liters

Rapid Mixer Granulator Technical Specification:

1RMG 252510~2050-4202.21000-25001.1
2RMG 505020~4050-3555.51000-25001.5
3RMG 10010040~8050-287111000-25003
4RMG 20020080~16050-22318.51000-25004
5RMG 300300120~24050-200221000-20005.5
6RMG 400400160~32050-200301000-20005.5
7RMG 500500200~40030-172371000-20007.5
8RMG 600600240~48030-162451000-20007.5
9RMG 800800320~64020-148551000-200011
10RMG 12001200480~96020-133751000-200015